In Workshop, Campers Use Paper Mache to Make Props!

Part of Theatre Theatre Maui’s mission is to provide a full spectrum of theatrical training and experience to our participants and members of the community.  Along with singing, dancing, and acting, our summer campers also participate in our camp workshop making props and set pieces with Mr. Derek and Annabehl.

Today, 8 campers are using the art of paper mache to create Annie Jr props pieces.  Paper mache involves using strips of paper along with an adhesive such as glue or paste, which are then applied to the project.

Paper mache is cost-effective and so easy to learn, and it is a great way to enable our campers to take part in creating the props.  When the campers make the props, they become even more connected and excited about the show that they and the staff created together.  Our campers are dedicated actors and artists who make us more and more proud of them every day!

A camper dipping the strips of newspaper in a glue solution

Applying the sticky strips of newspaper









Campers using paper mache techniques to make-over an old chair. Once completed, the old chair – while still a chair – will look nothing like its old form. I can’t wait to see it!

Campers proudly display their artwork








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