Meet our Instructors – Hannah George-Wheeler

Hannah George-Wheeler is an Artistic Director of Urban Artistry, Inc., a nonprofit whose mission is to preserve the arts inspired by the urban dance experience through education, performance, and participating community events. This organization emphasizes teaching cultural context in addition to movement, as well as developing positive self confidence to carry on the tradition of being yourself. Originally from New England, Hannah has a background in dance forms including breakin’, hip hop dance, house dance, Latin dance, and hula, as well as competitive gymnastics. A graduate of George Washington University, Hannah holds a Major in French Literature, Minor in Cultural Anthropology, and currently works full-time as a project manager. Hannah was selected as an Artist Ambassador for the 2020 State Department Next Level Hip Hop Diplomacy Program and continues to refine her skills as an artist, educator, and cultural ambassador.

Urban Artistry Instructor and B-Girl, Hannah George-Wheeler, Breakin’ at an organized dance battle in Baltimore, 2015. Photo by Edwin Remsberg

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