LIS Students Perform at Lahaina Schools

20 talented Lahaina Intermediate School after-school drama students — as part of the Lahaina Complex Tutor Project that is run by Pat Endsley and sponsored by the community  — performed their play Fairy Tale High (AKA Princess High) at Princess Nahienaena Elementary School and King Kamehameha III Elementary in Lahaina.

Each year, our students work throughout the school year with Ms. Kristi Scott in drama lessons, scene work, theatre games, and play rehearsal — all of which culminates in a final play performed at the end of the after-school program.  Our students practiced throughout the year and took the stage today to perform their show.

A recurring theme throughout our program is to be yourself and to care for, respect, and understand others — not despite their differences — but because of their differences and all they can teach us.  Our students learn to embrace new ideas and to learn from each other and the plays they perform reflect those values.

Fairy Tale High, beautifully written by Heidi Turner and Kristi Scott with quite a bit of input and ideas from the students, helped to teach that lesson as students such as Merida, Ana, Aladdin, Belle, and Mulan become brand new students at Fairy Tale High and are plunged into the already-set standards and ideas of Princess and Prince behavior learned by students such as Cinderella, Ariel, the Beast, Prince Charming, and more. The students eventually learn from one another and pass through their classes and on to the next stages in their education.

Our students will perform one more time today in our very last drama session for the year. It has truly been a pleasure working with each student in our program, and we can’t wait to see some of them in our summer camp this June/July and more in our after-school drama program next year as well.  For the students leaving Lahaina Intermediate into the great halls of high school, we wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors. Break a leg, dearies!

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