TTM Summer Camp 2021

Summer Camp 2021

photo courtesy of Chloe Chin

I’m these times of uncertainty our desire to provide a quality summer theater experience was definitely challenged.  With the size, gathering of groups restricted and the desire to be live rather than on line, we had to do some deep thinking.  Seperate pods were a must, but how to handle it?  Once we found the 10 minute musicals at Music Theatre International the rest fell into place. 

Dividing into pods gave us a chance to focus on the individual skill levels of each group.  The older more advanced students were offered a Repertory pod giving each student a chance to have a lead, a smaller part, sing, dance, learn tech, and dive deeper into their acting skills.  The middle school “Alice Pod“ gave the chance for those students who didn’t want to sing to hone their acting skills and to learn what it takes to analyze a script and mine it for gold.  Alice in Wonderland was the perfect script as it is full of delicious characters that are bigger than life.  Our younger students  in the Trial of Goldilocks got their feet wet with fun characters, theater games and skill building.  For the first time ever we were able to provide Camp Crazy Tales for our youngest students.  Each two week camp focused on a new play with dance, games and new skills. 

Within each pod we found the campers growing by leaps and bounds and creating close bonds we hope will carry into the school year. 

When faced with challenges we adapt.  We may never have this same opportunity to have such focused work in small groups.  We definitely missed the big musical and look forward to a time we can do it again in front of live audiences.   In the meantime we adapted and succeeded in ways we could not have imagined.  We were blessed with an amazing team of talented teachers who also had a chance to stretch their wings and soar in new ways.

photo courtesy of Ray Chin

Thank you for joining us this year.  Hope to see you again soon. 

Kristi Scott (Drama Queen)

Sponsored in part by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development