Welcome TTM’s Newest Player

A warm welcome to TTM’s Executive Adminstrator!

Nancy is a writer, teacher, and strategic consultant for sustainable change. She’s been a leader for foundations, non-profits, and universities, long working on civil rights and education reforms. She helps direct and guide others for positive, lasting impact–and has led TTM through transition and expansion after 25 years.

She actively dedicates herself to the arts. She leads a storytelling studio and serves as a strategist for Maui Nui wildlife and habitat conservation. Nancy can often be caught in an island jam session.

Though less than part-time at TTM, she’d love to hear from you. Email admin@ttmwestmaui.org anytime.

Nancy TaylorTo learn more about our journey, see Lahaina News.

Learn the full story and meet the team at THEATRE THEATRE MAUI here.


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