Preparing Your Summer Camper for Tech Week (Week 6 of Camp)

We are almost there! After we move to the Westin Resort and Spa (Westin) and hold our show teasers this weekend, we re-convene at camp at the Westin on Monday, July 11th at our regular 8:30am start time for our 6th and final week of camp leading up to our live performances of Shrek the Musical Jr that begin on July 14th.  We anticipate the camp day during the 6th week to end at around 2:15pm, as opposed to 2:00pm each day — unless otherwise informed of changes. 

The final week (lovingly referred to as Tech Week in theatre) will be busy, but it is always super-fun, and it is important to be sure your camper is prepared for the week.  

Here are some tips to be sure you and your camper are ready:

  • Each camper will need a “Tech Kit.”  This can be a small box, basket, duffel bag, backpack, etc with — including, but not limited to — makeup remover (baby wipes work well), deodorant, wig cap, bobby pins, hair brush/comb, small towel or face-cloth, and hair ties. Also, with the AC so strong and cool at the Westin, a sweater or other long-sleeved shirt/sweatshirt is advisable to have on-hand in case it gets chilly.  
  • Your children will need to stay within the bounds of camp in our assigned ballroom. They will not be able to explore the Westin grounds or buy breakfast, snacks, or lunch at the resort or nearby shops.  Please continue to send snacks and lunch as normal.
  • Please make drop-off and pick-up swift every day. Security will be monitoring use of the facility and loading areas, and we are sharing these areas with hotel guests and employees, so please be sure you pick up your camper promptly each day.  Pick-up and drop-off will be at the Group entrance of the Westin right next to the ballroom where camp is held. For the safety of your camper, I (Angie) will be monitoring pick-up each day, and if any parents would like to volunteer to help monitor drop-off and pick-up, please let me know.  You may respond to this email or call/text at 808-419-1753.  
  • If your camper walks home, rides the bus, or will be riding home with anyone other than the parent or guardian, please let our staff know. You may call or text me at 808-419-1753.  The safety of your camper is of the utmost importance.  Please know that we dismiss your camper at 2:15pm, and while I will be monitoring pick-up for safety purposes, we cannot be responsible for your camper once he or she leaves camp and/or if he or she wanders off without our knowledge. This means, for example, if your camper leaves camp and 2:15pm and heads to Cannery Mall, we cannot be responsible, so please make arrangements if necessary. 
  • We will be seeking parent volunteers to help out at the Shrek the Musical Jr Performances and will provide additional details in a separate email.  Volunteering during the shows is fun, and it’s a great way to interact with your campers and the staff, Board members, and patrons during the shows. 

We are so excited for Tech Week!  

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